Website Builder Options for a Modern eCommerce Website

The Best 3 Website Builder Options for a Modern eCommerce Website

If you analyze the latest trends and news in the world of business, you will probably notice that the word eCommerce is becoming more and more popular. Electronic commerce has become the fastest growing type of commerce in the world. Business owners and customers from the United Kingdom to Canada and from India to the United States are reaping the benefits of this kind of commerce that takes place online. If you want to create a modern eCommerce website to follow this trend, you will need a good website builder. Here are out three suggestions:

  1. Shopify

If you ask any eCommerce experts, they will tell you that Shopify is among the three best eCommerce website builders on the market. This is a solution which was introduced many years ago, but it’s updated all the time. Today, it comes with a wide array of features, a modern easy-to-use interface, and intuitive functions. You can use to build a website and to host it because Shopify is an all-in-one solution. Shopify also has many useful apps and built-in features as well as a 14-day trial that comes for free.

  1. WooCommerce

Next, on our short list of best website builders for eCommerce purposes, we have WooCommerce. This is a plugin that was developed for WordPress-powered sites. It represents an open-source solution which is absolutely free. If you are a proud owner of a successful WP site, you can add WooCommerce plugin to it and add an eCommerce feature right away. Basically, you can use WordPress to handle the design and WooCommerce to process the payments. We should also mention that WordPress has some of the best templates you can find on the Internet and their number is growing on a daily basis. Some of these themes are free.

  1. Weebly

There’s a drag and drop editing system in this website builder which allows users to edit web design in any way they want. Weebly also comes with a wide array of features related to design like animated backgrounds, special fonts, image editor, website search and more. You can also use Weebly to create mobile apps for your website. To save you some money, Weebly is offering special domain and hosting packages. Finally, Weebly is offering access to modern marketing tools that will help you promote your eCommerce website in an effective way.

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