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Top Multichannel eCommerce Solutions

The vast majority of experts agree that the future of commerce depends on eCommerce. Every year, millions of people are spending billions of dollars on purchasing things over the Internet. After all, this is one of the reasons why the number of online stores has multiplied in the last few years. But, if you want to feel the true potential of eCommerce and you want to increase your sales on the Internet, you have to focus on multichannel sales. This may seem like a difficult task, but with the right multichannel eCommerce platform, this activity should be easy.


Shopify is not only the most used eCommerce platform for small businesses, but it’s also one of the best platforms when it comes to multichannel retailing. Shopify users are able to offer their products on more than 20 channels, but what’s even better is that the number of these channels is growing every year because the team behind this product is constantly trying to extend this list. With Shopify, you can integrate your online store with eBay, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms. Keep in mind that this platform also supports a few excellent POS apps including their native POS system.


Another multichannel solution that deserves a place on our list is PrestaShop. Don’t forget that PrestaShop represents an open-source solution which is equipped with a myriad of features and allows customization. With this platform, you will get access to sophisticated multichannel integration with a few channels including Amazon Marketplace and eBay. In order to get access to these platforms, you will have to pay for a specially designed plugin. When you are done, all the products you have in your online store will be automatically sent to Amazon or eBay. The same goes for the changes you’ve made to the images, prices and stock levels.


If you are interested in multichannel eCommerce, then you should consider using Magento. Unlike PrestaShop and Shopify, this option is ideal for medium-sized and enterprise-level online stores. Multichannel retailing is easy with Magento because you will get access to a wide array of features designed for this purpose. But, if you want to customize some of the features, you will probably need help from professional developers. The integration itself is not difficult and all you need is an extension which will integrate your store with Rakuten, Amazon or eBay. There are actually a few good multichannel retail extensions designed and developed for Magento.

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